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The most successful companies and individuals are the ones that adapt their behaviors and communication around the key elements of Emotional Intelligence (EI). Many experts contend that EI is more important than the Intelligent Quotient (IQ) and actually accounts for 80% of professional success. Workspaces and companies across the nation have now identified EI as a defining factor in company culture, productivity, and increased results.
Category: Personal/Corporate Development
The most effective leaders understand that, in the words of the psychologist, Chris Peterson, “Other people matter.” Positive leadership markedly increases employee engagement, alleviates friction in high-pressure situations and times of transition, and produces dramatic results. Leaders who have the skill to develop high-impact relationships and a culture of collaboration drive positive change and innovation, delivering value to customers and radically improving your organization’s bottom line.
Category: Personal/Corporate Development
Even today in the 21st century, there is a particular crisis when it comes to confidence. Men and women around the world have expressed their frustrations and struggles as they climb the career ladder or achieve next-level results in their personal and professional lives. With years of coaching men and women on career confidence and leadership strategies, the Rise Up For You Team has recognized the top four challenges for professionals.
Category: Personal/Corporate Development

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