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FREE UPS/FedEx Invoice Audit & Refund Recovery for 2020
UPS/FedEx mistakes add up to big refunds. Don't leave money on the table. Lojistic will chase down your refunds for FREE in 2020.

As a new Greater Irvine Chamber member, Lojistic is offering all chamber members with free UPS/FedEx audit and refund recovery services for the whole year (2020).  No strings attached (no contracts, no credit cards, no commitments to continue…no cost) and everyone can activate/deactivate the service whenever they’d like.  The offer would be valuable for any/all businesses that get invoices from UPS/FedEx and is a simple 60 second (or less) online setup.
One of the (many) functions of the Lojistic platform is to find and chase down refunds from UPS and FedEx invoices for things like late shipments, incorrect fees, duplicate charges, etc. We’ve become a 15-year-old 8 figure biz with this as one of our core paid services, which is to say, the carrier’s mistakes are many and perpetual, and we are very good at recovering those mistakes/refunds on behalf of businesses.  The refunds we generate (usually 1-4% of UPS/FedEx shipping spend) is quick money directly back to a business’s pockets.  Although we would typically charge for our services, 2020 is (obviously) not a “typical” year. 
To help provide additional clarity on the offer and provide a path for the Greater Irvine Chamber members to start using it, we spun up this page:

Contact Information
phone: (800) 783-5753
Offer Valid: May 18, 2020December 31, 2020
Greater Irvine Chamber of Commerce

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