Dr. Melissa Mondala



About Us

Dr. Melissa Mondala is a Southern California native and a double board-certified Family Medicine and Lifestyle Medicine physician. She obtained her medical degree from Chicago Medical School and Masters of Health Administration. She completed her Family Medicine residency and the first Lifestyle Medicine Fellowship from Loma Linda University Health. She was awarded the Lifestyle Medicine Diplomate/Specialist from the American College of Lifestyle Medicine. She has a special focus on mental health has completed a Primary Care Psychiatry Fellowship.

Dr. Lifestyle was founded by Dr. Melissa Mondala and Dr. Micah Yu in 2019. They are husband and wife with a mission to educate, empower, and heal. They began their work through social media, community veg fests, and lifestyle medicine lectures. They created an Instagram account in 2018 which was used to advocate lifestyle medicine to the general public. Over the years, their account has transformed and grown. They realized they didn’t have to wait to have their lifelong dream of establishing a lifestyle medicine private practice in Southern California. Dr. Mondala practices Direct Primary Care and Dr. Yu practices Direct Rheumatology. They believe that lifestyle medicine should be the foundation for healthcare. Both physicians provide healthcare to their patients with an integrative approach. They believe that pharmaceutical drugs should be used when appropriate but lifestyle medicine should be the first line.


Owner of Dr. Lifestyle. Heathy Habits. Happy Life.
Owner of Dr. Lifestyle. Heathy Habits. Happy Life.